24 Oct 2006

"do you have what it takes to play the great game ?"

as i was saying in a previous post, i am not too much into spies and conspiracies and stuff, which doesn't mean that i don't admire their techniques, that i don't watch crime&spy movies or that i don't occasionaly enjoy playing with codes and "tools of the trade" :). Plus, i love playing any sort of games which make me think a little or, even better, teach me new things.
Therefore, my latest such acquisition is a card game pretty self-explanatorily entitled "Spy File": "If you ever dreamed of being James Bond or Mata Hari, open the file and take the test. 120 questions, codes and color photographs reveal the secret world of espionage. Do you have what it takes to play the great game ? Find out by cracking codes, identifying the great spies in history, learning the tradecraft of spying and using the tools of the trade."

The game is developed by International Spy Museum, whose mission is "to educate the public about espionage in an engaging manner". And since "Spy File" even teaches you how to make invisible ink and how to turn common rocks found in parks into espionage tools and all other sorts of tricks, also providing suggestive images of objects from the very museum, i'd say it's quite captivating and engaging.


Gavin Heaton said...

I think I was a spy in a former life ;)

Actually there are bound to be some great creativity enhancing ideas in the Spy Kit -- they may need a little adaptation but they could become a great brainstorming tool.

diana said...

yes, when i initially bought it, it was exactly because it seemed perfect as a brainstorming-tool, or at least as a lateral-thinking enabler. i like such tools which are not especially designed for brainstorming - they unlock your thinking for sure, but without shouting "pack especially designed for unlocking your creativity in simple steps". :) does that make sense ?