26 Oct 2006

will somebody let them know ?

i found this great BBC documentary down at kottke.org. The documentary tells the story of the famous game Tetris, as well as its creator, Russian computer programmer Alexey Pazhitnov. Maybe i wouldn't have found the documentary so interesting, if i hadn't been completely fascinated by Tetris many years ago. I was very very young, i had a computer called HC2000, and Tetris was among the first games i played insanely, for hours, on that computer. Since i became all nostalgic (and since i've given my HC2000 to somebody a very long time ago), i started looking for pictures of the model on the Internet. What i came across is more than hilarious to me. Namely, the website of HC manufacturer: ICE Felix - Fabrica de Calculatoare Electronice (rough translation - Electronic Computers Factory maybe?). My first thought was: do they know what era we currently live in ? or am i just being really really mean ?


Gavin Heaton said...

Looks like they are still using the same website that they put up in 1985!

diana said...

:)) maybe that's why their slogan says something like : "our richness is experience"