13 Oct 2006


this little video is the first episode of Backspace, "a stimulating video podcast showing experimental short films to provoke your imagination". info which i've stolen from here. What's even nicer is that the creator of Backspace also initiated a youtube group which is meant to be "a place where you can show off your own videos designed to inspire the imagination." even though youtube is a huge inspirational resource anyway :).


Anonymous said...

Hello Diana. I am from Greece and i would like to know in which date the name 'Diana' is celebrated in Romanian church. In Greece it is celebrated in 20th October, the same day like the name of ancient greek goddess Artemis. So, is it the same in Romania or it is in a different date?

Anonymous said...

I don't really think she knows.. though i'd not want her to find out - it would mean yet another day for presents... :))