14 Mar 2006

spy game

i know this hasn't got anything at all to do with planning. and i really am not into spies and conspirations and stuff. but the thing is that last night i watched a BBC documentary about Robert Hanssen and i was actually impressed by how this guy evolved. The broadcast included not only Hanssen's life story, but also various analyses from FBI profilers and specialists, who concluded that the guy wasn't just seriously disturbed, but beyond his exhibitionism and mental problems, he was a sort of a serial spy. He sold his country with the same urgency and craving which drives the actions of most serial killers. Despite being a very strict Catholic, he simply couldn't help selling national secrets to the soviets, not for the money, but for the thrill of the action itself. And he managed to get away with it for 21 years, despite FBI's and CIA's efforts to find out his identity. Interesting subject, nevertheless.

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