4 Oct 2006

happy birthday !

Wireality by Grapefruit turned five yesterday. With its Weekly Wire and its email discussions, Wireality has been really valuable to me, by teaching me all sorts of things and providing all sorts of perspectives (our creative director had just told me something like: ok, you can deal with this planning thing from now on, but you're on your own, cause there's nobody around who can teach you or give you a hint about this. so i started searching and building up my very own hints, and Wireality was for some reason among the first of them) (i've noticed that i'm becoming lazier and lazier when it comes to blogging these days, cause i'm quite busy, therefore i come out with more and more ambiguous phrazes, need to change that). Happy anniversary ! and thank you :).


Gavin Heaton said...

Part of being a good planner means being curious ... so its no surprise that there is no mentor, no job description or how-to guide. Those things don't matter ... we all make it up as we go along anyway. The nice thing is that we can ask for help on the net and get 100 opinions ... curiosity and insight at the same time!
BTW ... nice design change. I didn't expect it and nearly missed reading your blog!

diana said...

:) i know that now, but at the very beginning, i was actually dead scared, even though i more than liked the idea of "no mentor, no job description or how-to guide".

as for the blog template, i should really thank you, cause it was when you changed it that i finally realised that i really, really should do something about all that black :).

and thank you for reading my nonsense anyway !