25 Oct 2006

going blogwider

Servant of chaos is by far one of the nicest and most inspirational blogs i read. And it was while reading this post from Gavin some time ago that i realised why i love blogging so much. It is because blogs indeed allow you to throw bits of ideas into the open (just as they allow you to "catch" bits of ideas). Which can lead to something way bigger, cause someone might get inspired by these bits of ideas and contribute to their development. Or people can actually help you get a clearer point on those bits of ideas and can actually help you understand better where it is that you were going with your idea. As Gavin says: "[blogging] allows you to start with a small idea. You can explore and create episodically. You can jump from one idea to the next and you can link out to other people and their ideas effortlessly. And the more you blog, the more that ideas and stories begin to coalesce. And as you follow the links, you come face-to-face with emotions, habits and brands. And importantly, you come up close to people ... because it is clear, in blogging, that you are dealing with an individual." Let's see what happens is an excellent example from this point of view.

On the other hand, i am becoming more and more of a National Geographic fan, and my interest in other cultures grows continuously. Which means that i read more and more about other cultures (and by this, i don't just mean United States, or England, or Western Europe countries - i mean countries in Africa, and Asia, and small islands and tribes and all sorts of smaller "cultures"). But while reading more and more of such articles and BBC and NGC and Discovery reports and Wikipedia and so on, i realised that i was getting more of an overview of those cultures, than actual insights into the life there. I got general data, the same way i get general data by looking at the exhibits in a museum. It's really interesting, but too general for me.

And i figured one first solution to this problem of mine would be to start looking for blogs from locals or from expats in these countries. I must admit it's a great experience to read especially blogs of expats discovering a totally different life. So i've started collecting such blogs, which i will soon list in the blogroll. I do not know where this will lead, and i haven't yet realised exactly how stupid the idea is, but i'll just see what happens.

And since i need to include a pic in this post as well: while reading the blog of an American "wife, mother, left-handed dog owner who loves the color red, reading, camping, water of ANY kind, including frozen" and who currently lives in Ghana, i came across this really simple and very suggestive outdoor.

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