18 Oct 2006

cause "creatives" are not the only ones who are actually creative

"The ArtLab studies represent a new type of research in which media consumers' own creativity, reflexivity and knowingness is harnessed, rather than ignored. In these studies, individuals are asked to produce media or visual material themselves, as a way of exploring their relationship with particular issues or dimensions of media. Examples, which appear in the projects section, include research where children made videos to consider their relationship with the environment; where young men designed covers for imaginary men's magazines, enabling an exploration of contemporary masculinities; and where people drew pictures of celebrities as part of an examination of their aspirations and identifications with stars." My favourite is one of the projects which they're currently developing, together with Lego Group, CEMP, and the Research Council of Norway, and which aims at exploring the ways in which creative construction of objects can unlock feelings and insights into everyday experience.

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