2 Oct 2006


I got tagged by Hippiekiller, so i'd better comply and answer the guy :). Seems like quite a "local" meme, so it feels a bit odd writing about it in english, but i'm not falling into the blog-language trap again, so that's it.

1. Three places i like in Bucharest (or at least three places :D)

- this small neighbourhood. Situated somewhere in the Baba Novac - Catelu area, this slice of the city often helps me forget about heavy traffic and pollution and nasty people and noisy Bucharest, in general. I really enjoy the "different" atmosphere (or maybe i just like small obscure towns too much. or "The prisoner" really got into me, when i watched it. anyway).
- Cinema(teca) Union. It's cosy, it's small, it's got air-conditioning, it's got air-refreshers and most people don't even know where it is. Ideal for somebody who loves movies the way i do. Also ideal for animations :D.
- Regina Elisabeta/ Kogalniceanu area. I'm still trying to figure out why i like this area so much, and i kinda suspect it's because of the fact that it gives me the impression of being old and deserted. By far, one of my favourite walking areas.
- Popa Nan area. Lipscani area. Mantuleasa area. And all sorts of small streets with old houses in general.
- St. Sava highschool :D:D:D.

2. Three places i hate in Bucharest

- Romana Square. I have always instinctively hated it. I even hate Nicu Alifantis - "Piata Romana nr. 9"
- Stefan cel Mare when i'm driving.
- Central Military Hospital.

3. Four places where i like to hang out with my friends

- the old center of Bucharest - choice of the exact spot according to the mood, of course.
- Metoc, Rendez-vous, Cotroceni
- wherever we can (like Space's home, for example)

4. Three things a foreigner wouldn't understand in Bucharest

- i don't really know. i won't really make assumptions.

5. The "fanciest" neighbourhood (not quite the exact translation) / The ugliest neighbourhood

- quite clueless once again, though i feel tempted to answer with "Pantelimon".

Further tags (i guess Bucharest will be replaced by "my city"): Bogdana, Alex, Claudiu, Gavin.

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