20 Oct 2006

and planners did meet

last night, with all these guys above looking at us, we had the first in a hopefully long set of "planner gatherings" (or the second, if we count the one with John Griffiths as a sort of a pilot episode). Unfortunately, i arrived way later than i hoped, only to find, to my pleasure and excitement, that people had actually come. Bogdana was there, obviously, and so were Costin and Ioana and Raluca from Leo, Stefan from Grapefruit, Doru from Kinecto, Alina from Vodafone, Luciana from McCann, Tudor from BrandTailors and others whom i'm kindly asking to forgive me for not mentioning (if you're reading this and you please leave a comment, you save me from the embarassment).

Luckily, i don't have the time to play the chronicler part which Bogdana always assumes i'd play extensively :), so i won't be saying much about Costin's tourments at the thought that his sister was about to visit him or planning.ro's server problems or any other similar or related matters.

Even though when i first talked about these meetings with Bogdana, we wanted to try to have an agenda, of course the discussions went on freely and jumped from one point to another. Briefly, we talked about trying to form a sort of an association or at least a more organized group, so that we can do something about bringing more and more impressive planners to Romania (not only planners, actually, cause there were also some interesting points about the meaning and importance of "efficiency", as they should be considered). We discussed IAA and BrandCamp and various administrative experiences/issues. And, of course, we talked about the future of these meetings - whether we should meet in the morning (as i would love to and as would be of help to Costin's biorhythm), whether we should meet in a different place, how often we should meet, whether we should try to engage other inspiring people rather than just planners, whether we should only focus on planning-related matters, or try and go as beyond them as possible and so on. Of course we also got into some lamentations, as well as into bits about concepts/information/media/briefs.

What i'm most interested in achieving myself from what we discussed is trying to turn from "all the planners" into "planners who do" (as Russell's blogroll says), that is do something meaningful, put into practice at least some of the projects i've been having in mind for some time now.

As for the planner's manifesto, which we had in mind for the first meeting, and which seemed stupid to Stefan, well...it was obviously left somewhere in space. However, talking about Microsoft vs. Apple, i remembered this little animation, which is a tribute to Roadrunner. I had watched it some time ago, and it made me think about some things: RoadRunner has one of the best, clearest positionings in animation - it's the fastets bird in animation. What does this bird do ? Well, it runs really fast. It shows its tongue and it runs like hell. In the mean time, poor Coyote, who's also hungry all the time, comes with all kinds of strategies and mechanisms and stuff to capture the damn bird, all making the show interesting. So Bogdana and i realised this was maybe a good analogy for what we do nowadays, as planners who have to challenge the big, well-established brands.

That's it for now. And looking forward to the next meeting :)

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