24 Aug 2007

imagination dead imagine

yesterday, while having one of the endless discussions about the "young generation", we started talking about the sad possibility that kids nowadays completely lack imagination, due to TV, video games and internet consumption. I will not get into that again, but i must admit that the conversation reminded me about Samuel Beckett's "Imagination dead imagine", nicely illustrated below:

22 Aug 2007

first free and legal music on demand website

i have been using blogmusik daily for a very long time now, which is why it felt really weird today, when i was redirected to deezer.com. Apparently, the name Blogmusik is gone, being replaced by Deezer - the first free and legal music on demand website. According to this and this, this rebranding takes place after blogmusik negotiated some copyrights and stuff. Daniel Marhely and Jonathan Benassaya, creators of blogmusik, explain that "While most people surfing the internet consume music freelly and illegally, a way profs and artists are continuosly fighting against, Deezer.com announces the long expected revolution. Thanks to agreements negociated with SACEM, Deezer.com now becomes the only actor offering a free solution for web-surfers, while also paying music actors with the profits obtained through advertising."

21 Aug 2007

the many weird meanings of various terms part 1

whippy choppy (definition(s))

1. an unkown canned food that looks like mashed up chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, jojos, onion rings, and rolls

2. a sex position in which the partners are floating in the air while fucking eachother! - "We're gonna have to have sex in space in order to perform the whippy choppy."

3. a term for idiotic entertainment... if said in an old mans voice while holding a thin stick that sounds somewhat a whip when swung... it's sure to get a laugh and probably cause somebody to piss their pants.

4. a curse word to use when you are taking care of a fake baby with a computer in it's back when it cries.

5. another word for a fucked up hairdo.

6. a kick ass dance move mostly seen at private raves.

7. a sport in which players get in zipped up sleeping bags and beat the shit out of eachother while completely blind!

8. a kick ass sword/whip used in war

9. the type of movie in which you laugh so hard you shit your pants

10. the kind of website that your friends send you a link to and you have no clue what it is... and it ends up being porno

11. an island that looks like a penis

12. a term coughed during work when you are talking about your boss and he's standing right behind your best friend!

13. a term used for a celebrity that is such a poser and is so fucking stupid

14. a type of drug in which you inhale to make you feel like you're having an endless orgasm or can make you feel like you're in a kill bill movie ready to chop everybody's limbs off!"

15. an article of clothing that is worn up the ass crack and over the shoulders..... ???

16. a shitty old beat up car

From the restless ever-inspiring Urban Dictionary.

20 Aug 2007

exciting event

there are very simple things that make me really happy. One of these things is a piece of experimental theater that happens in Sibiu on the 28th of September.

dreamthinkspeak is a theater group that aims to explore the use of space, light, image, film, sound and text as equal ingredients in creating live performance and to explore how the use of different environments can radically alter the relationship of the audience to the work. Which also means that they adapt their performances according to the various locations where they're supposed to act, using and integrating the story of the places where they perform in their show.

They'll come to Sibiu in order to perform Don't look back, "a journey through the rooms, corridors, hallways and stairwells of specially chosen sites inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice". The experience will be really intimate, for the audience only consists of 3 people, and the show was customized to fit the city hall, where the whole thing is going to take place. I can hardly wait to get there.