20 Jan 2006


When i first heard about Wilt, i immediately thoughts about Antoine from Martin Page's "How i became stupid". Therefore, also following a recommendation coming from chestionabil (or, better said, as a result of my curiousity), i've just finished reading Tom Sharpe's Wilt, which is undoubtedly a very well-built satire, full of funny scenarios and insights. And it was definately
not a mistake - similar to "how i became stupid", the book is really refreshing and relaxing and is for sure worth reading. at least from my point of view.
Overview from Wikipedia: "The novel's title refers to its main character, Henry Wilt. Wilt is a demoralized and professionally under-rated assistant lecturer who teaches literature to uninterested construction apprentices at a community college in the south of England. Years of hen-pecking and harassment by his emotionally unbalanced wife Eva leave Henry Wilt with dreams of killing her. But a string of unfortunate events start the title character on a farcical journey. Along the way he finds humiliation and chaos, which ultimately lead him to discover his own strengths and some level of dignity. And all the while he is pursued by the tenacious police Sergent Flint, whose poor skills of deduction interpret Wilt's often bizarre actions as heinous crimes."

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