9 Jan 2006

ad picks of the day - BBDO, Fritz and "Simply better"

BBDO is considered Ad Age's agency of the year. Reasons in a comprehensive 12-page report which includes agency reviews and can be downloaded from here (i'm not sure about registration restrictions or later availability).

Second pick would be the "New Fritz" Coke commercial, developed by Wieden&Kennedy Portland. Here's how Ad Age introduces it: "When she took the job last fall, Coca-Cola's new global marketing chief, Mary Minnick, promised to shake up the beverage giant's advertising. In doing so, she also quickly earned the nickname 'Scary Mary.' This is one of the new branding commercials produced under Ms. Minnick's demanding gaze. It's a bit weird in a way that only 14-year-olds can truly appreciate. Which, of course, is probably the point, given that teenagers are among the only people buying the sugar-loaded, caffeine-laced soda pop that older health-minded consumers now tend to avoid. Ms. Minnick's critics are likely to have a field day with the spot's references to Genghis Khan -- who was also a take-no-prisoners sort of manager."

And third, i found out that The American Marketing Association Foundation has recently announced the recipients of its 2005 Berry-AMA Book Prize. And the winners are Patrick Barwise and Sean Meehan, with their book "Simply Better". Is this yet another clue for the right path?

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