29 Jan 2006

top 10 comic books heroes

last night i watched an interesting, but rather disturbing documentary on "Discovery Science" and made a sketch which i intend to reproduce here as it was.

"Top 10 Comic Books Heroes"
  1. Batman - created by Bob Kane in 1939, and Frank Miller also wrote a Batman series at the beginning of the eighties, series entitled "The Dark Knight Returns"
  2. Spider-Man - created by genius Stan Lee, who gets mad when people don't use the hyphen in Spider-Man's name, hyphen which is vital in order to differentiate Spider-Man from Superman (whatever...). The inspiration for the character came to Lee while he was watching a fly crawling on the wall. Spider-Man is said to be the first introspective super-hero, maybe because he is quite an idiot.
  3. X-Men, and especially Wolverine, who (or which) was introduced in '75. We're talking Stan Lee again, and the most important aspect of X-Men probably is that mutants are used as a very imporant social metaphor.
  4. Superman only gets the fourth position, although is undoubtedly the superhero. His creation story started in 1934, in Cleveland, Ohio, but didn't see print until June 1938.
  5. Judge Dredd. I don't like this motorcycle guy who goes on saying "I am the law". But apparently he is very appreciated for his executional side.
  6. Wonder Woman. My second- favourite, but most disturbing of them all, WW was created by William Moulton Marston. Yes, in other words, WW was created by a psychiatrist who also created the lie detector and who admits to have used his knowledge of feminine collective subconscious in order to turn this character into the most famous female superhero of them all.
  7. The Hulk, another Stan Lee baby, is special cause he's the good guy, although a monster.
  8. Witchblade, second female hero in the top
  9. Tintin, drawn and written by Hergé.

Bonus point: it turns out that 73.4% from the total number of struggles take place on a roof.

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