30 Jan 2006

some quick planning thoughts

they're obvious, but it's good to write them down from time to time, while aiming at encompassing a lot of thinking in very few well chosen, relevant words. i liked the way russell davies commented upon the answers of this month's Account Planning School of the Web assignment. Cause he practically used the answers as examples in order to bring into discussion some distinctions that one should bear in mind. such as:
  • the difference between an idea and thinking on the way to ideas.
  • the difference between strategic idea and executional idea.
  • the difference between having an interesting (potentially memorable) idea and bringing it to life (also supporting it with examples meant to support it, show that it is part of a larger thought).
  • the difference between an actual idea and collections of the right kind of words.
  • the difference between statements of the obvious and powerful communication ideas.
the exercise really made a lot of sense in my mind.

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