8 Jan 2006

is it just me?

as i was walking yesterday, i caught myself wondering about all sorts of stuff and taking pictures of all sorts of things.

anyway, the first thing which should be mentioned (cause i am proud of it) is that i went to Vlad Nanca's "Ups and Downs" photo exhibition, which was both wonderful and relaxing. The only thing i felt sorry about was that he didn't show more photos. However, i took pictures of the H'art Gallery's wall, which is full of inspirational samples of "street art", some of which i had already posted in this blog. The one with the question mark is for some reason my favourite.

Going further, i found this "thing" and please help me figure out what it is. The poster says "Joys for Children", but i kept on looking at it and it just doesn't say anything to me, apart from some nasty concepts which have nothing to do with placing this in a public place. Maybe it's just me. Anyway...

Now i have to say i admire the person who developed the sheet of paper in my next photo. Must be a person who enjoys writing a lot.

What got me really confused however is what stands written on the Romanian Atheneum. And that would be "Christmas for all". Now what's that supposed to mean?

My holiday is over, so from now on i'll try to post some (better) ideas as well, not just pics and my silly observations. hope that works out.

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Mihai said...

The one with "Joy for children" looks like a duck looking at that poster...maybe it's just a teaser, for now :)