25 Jan 2006

floating logos

via Battle of the Ad Blogs, i found out about Fallon Planning Blog, which is, as the name strikingly suggests, the blog developed by planners at Fallon. In other words, yet another refreshing planning blog to consult daily.

and via Fallon Planning Blog, Matt Siber's Floating Logos project, which includes images inspired by (commercial) signs perched high atop very tall poles in order for people to view them from a very long distance. The poles are digitally removed from the image in order to give the illusion that the signs are disconnected from the ground as they ominously float above people.
As AKI puts it: "Funny how simply removing the poles of megabrand signage introduces a bit of surreality, humor and religious allusion. Our mundane branded landscape becomes hauntingly creepy thru this lens effect."

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