23 Jan 2006


After one of the most beautiful, disputed and dramatic snooker finals i have ever watched, my favourite snooker player of all time, Ronnie O'Sullivan, was unable to triumph over John Higgins, who defeated him with 10-9, thus winning the SAGA Insurance Masters title.

I have to say that there was so much pressure coming from this spectacular show, that there were moments when i simply closed my eyes hoping for Ronnie to win. And he surely seemed he would.
At least, Higgins admits: "Ronnie’s such a fabulous player. At 3-0 down I was thinking I should have just bought a ticket. During the match I was trying to focus on my own game but if you take a step back and watch him he’s fantastic."
While Ronnie took it like a gentleman:"I wasn’t good enough at the end of the day. I found it difficult to get any momentum going. It’s been a fantastic tournament and great to be part of it. It was a tough match all day long. I’m disappointed not to have won, but John made great clearance in the last frame"

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