21 Dec 2005

what does it actually take for a blog to be good?

Well, with Russell Davies' APSotW, and with Grant McCracken's posts on the blogging business school, i started wondering what are the characteristics of a good blog in their opinion after all.
The following is the answer provided by Russell:
"I think there's lots of ways for a blog to be good. Like there's lots of ways for a book to be good.
But I like:
1. People who are good at compressing - they can get a lot of thought/story/idea into a few words.
2. People who can be compelling about stuff I know nothing about. The great thing about blogs is the micro-focus on esoteric and exotic subjects.
3. Personally I like to find out a little about the person writing the blog. Not just what they know, but who are they.
4. I like more spontaneous writing, people who obviously haven't considered stuff much, they're just pouring thoughts onto the screen.
5. Funny's good.
6. And numbered points.
7. Er. That's it. What do you think?"


abredross said...

I don't really know what I think, but I just talked with a good friend about our starting up next year some sort of Romanian web-culture website, and I'm sure you'd love to get involved into this.. I'll keep you posted as we define more clearly our thoughts, but heck - maybe you should join in the discussion already and bring us your perspective into this!

diana said...

i'd be totally delighted to join the project, especially since (as you know) i already have all sorts of ideas, all sorts of blogs that i want to develop, and i just didn'thave the time to do it myself. so, whenever you guys want to talk to me, let me know.

ps: give him my blog's address as well, and we can go on talking like this.