17 Dec 2005

latest soon aquisition

thanks, Abredross!
"Flanimals were first sighted by Ricky Gervais a long time ago. He drew some rough sketches and made notes about their behaviour.

Then, Ricky asked his friend Rob Steen to draw them properly, exactly as they appear in their natural habitat.

The result is two beautiful, informative and compendious volumes, Flanimals and More Flanimals, which are sure to delight, disgust and distress all who read them.

There are a few things you need to know about Flanimals. And when you do, I’d keep them to yourself if I were you.

Well now you can keep them all to yourself. BUY ONLINE the new LIMITED EDITION hand painted resin adult collectables featuring Honk, Clunge Ambler, Munty Flumple, Grundit, Puddloflaj and Adult Mernimbler. Each hand-crafted Flanimal comes in it’s individually designed packaging and is endorsed with it’s unique collectors limited edition number.
Flanimal Collectables Making the Flanimals More Flanimals "


abredross said...

IF only I had known you like them so much... I should've imagined, though... rest assured, however, they're going to a person just as special as you are :P

diana said...

oh, yeah?!?! how's that supposed to make me feel better? :))

abredross said...

weell.... I know it doesn't quite sound right, but I love both of you a lot, and... when I first learned about flanimals you were into wine and paints and stuff, and I didn't think you'd like it, really. Now, I know you would, you've changed a bit...
And please don't give me a hard time about it :(

diana said...

mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most special of all ? :))

diana said...

and i am still into wines :P...and gonna do something about this really soon [stay tuned]