4 Dec 2005

bits and pieces from holiday

well...i guess that listening to both Jeff Buckley and James Blunt during the same evening doesn't exactly mean i was in the best mood ever :). But i won't complain either. I hate wining and complaining and i'm gonna be beyond this from now on.

I've read Pascal Bruckner's latest book - "L'amour du prochain" - under the same akward, but extremely powerful attraction for this writer and his style which i always experience. I do not intend to comment upon the book in this post (though i promise to do it later), but there is one particular part i wanted to quote in here. In an approximate translation, i guess it would sound like this: "There are several lives in the life of a man and they're not all alike. Some day, destiny itself knocks on your door and grabs your hand. Let yourself driven by it: it's the unique hour when it takes over your case. The opportunity will not come back. Too many people who lost even the idea of freedom stand back. They're like insects locked in a jar: they curse their condition, they rip each other, but they don't do anything in order to get out. Offer them another jar or, even better, the free blue sky and you'll see they decline your offer. Even from childhood, they've been taken along the same road by what they're used to."

on the other hand, i must say i didn't like "Barfuss" at first, but i think that, little by little, while watching the movie i started to understand the title of a user comment on the movie: "German humour with a touch of magic". There are many bad parts for which the movie can and should be critized, but all in all, it should be regarded as a cute and crazy love story, which illustrates quite accurately the fact that even the mentally challenged and the traumatized and the mentally sick can and do have feelings, strong feelings, and can live a normal life. With a little bit of trust and a little bit of caring, i am sure that much more mental disorders could and would be cured.

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