7 Dec 2005

'Saw' Producer Dies :(

According to IMDB, "Saw and Saw II producer Gregg Hoffman died suddenly on Sunday morning at the age of 42. The Phoenix-native was admitted to Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital overnight after complaining of neck pain. Lions Gate Entertainment, who distributed his latest films, issued a statement on Monday, declaring he had died of natural causes. However, an autopsy is pending. Hoffman's tragic death comes less than two months after Saw II hit the top spot in the US box office, grossing $85 million since its October opening. Oren Koules, one of Hoffman's partners at Twisted Pictures, says, "He never put himself in front of anybody. He never did anything for the ego - everything he did was for the betterment of the movie." The producer is survived by his widow Lucienne, their children Jared and Luke, mother Stephanie and sister Tracy. A memorial service has been scheduled for Thursday at Mount Sinai Memorial Park."

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