11 Dec 2005

Romanian Psychological Solidarity 1

It's amazing how many idiotic forums which include the term "psychology" in their description exist in Romania. I am sure that this happens for a number of reasons, but one of them is, in my opinion, the general lack of understanding of the term and its applications in our country. In other words, psychology as taught and practised here is dominated by an amazing lack of information and implication. It seems to be so comforting to think that "it could never happen to you", that people don't actually take neither psychology, nor psychiatry seriously. And that is outrageous.
Therefore, until i get my website ready (and that's gonna take some time :(( ), i decided to start on this blog a series of links and presentations which actually bring into discussion or are trying to solve real problems of people who are actually involved - through their will or not - in something which i would call "the therapeutical process of psychology". Articles, disorders, distress, associations - a little bit of everything with the hope that one day, there will be enough volunteers willing to help and to change something. I'm gonna call the series Romanian Psychological Solidarity.
As a first post regarding the matter, i chose to bring into discussion autism. Since Wikipedia offers enough material to get an impression on autism, what's left to be said is that in Romania, the disorder is surrounded by a painful lack of information and implication. Psychologists and psychiatrists, they all raise their shoulders and advise the parents of children with this disorder to get used both to the fact that autism cannot be cured, and to the fact that there are no therapies able to make their children better. In other words, they're not explaining what exactly this disease is, nor are they offering any options; they're basically inviting parents to watch their children grow in a different world. In a world which normal people do not get, and which deprives autists from communication and normal social development. That's outrageous. Especially since, in fact, there is one therapy which functions. That means that children suffering from autism can actually be recovered. The mentioned therapy is called ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and is unfortunately very expensive. Which is why there aren't many Romanians who can in fact benefit from it due to the high costs. However, after dealing with the doctors' determined assertion that their child cannot be recovered, the family of an autist child had the means to resort to this therapy. The child was recovered. And they felt like it was their moral duty to try to deal with the lack of interest of the Romanian medical system by starting a project aiming at helping other children surpass this disorder. Mostly children whose parents lack the financial means to start ABA. Nustadeoparte.ro and autism.ro explain the project and the results obtained until now. And they even organize auctions selling paintings made by children suffering from autism, in order to offer people willing to donate something in exchange for their decision not to be indifferent.
"Do not fear your enemies, The worst they can do is kill you. Do not fear your friends, At worst, they may betray you. Fear those who do not care, They neither kill nor betray, but betrayal and murder exist because of their silent consent" -- Bruno Jasienski

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