15 Dec 2005

comedy-romance of the week

since watching a comedy-romance movie at least once a week seems to be becoming tradition already, last night i went to see "Just like Heaven". The decision to go watch the movie was due to the thought that it was inspired by Marc Levy's novel "If only it were true", and i respect and admire Marc Levy very much. Well...since i brought him up anyway, i'm gonna talk about him a little.
Marc Levy, whose motto is that the only limit to our dreams is our will to make them come true, is a Frech writer (living in London) with a very interesting life. At 18, he joined The Red Cross, where he remained for 6 years. In parallel, at 22, he starts his own business - Logitec France. He further develops his own small business in USA, until 1990, when he resigns after losing majority control of his group. Taking everything from the beginning, at 29, he cofounds an interior design and construction company with two friends (an architect and an engineer), developing a concept linking technology, architecture and structural engineering. Their company, Eurythmic-Cloiselec, becomes one of the leading architectural firms in France in the next few years, completing more than 500 corporate headquarters including those of Coca-Cola, Perrier, Evian, Norton, Canal Plus Satellite, and L’Express magazine. But in 1998, he suddenly starts dedicating himself to writing, and decided to leave his firm and go to London in order to focus on writing. Marc Levy has been translated into 30 languages, and his success is not confined to France: If Only it Were True for example has now been on the paperback bestseller list in Germany for over 100 weeks.
His second passion is cinema, but however, after selling the rights of the novel to Dreamworks, he did not want to interfere in the production of the movie, admitting that he realises the fact that the moment he sold the rights for the book, the story became somebody's else work - that is, the director's work.
Coming back to the movie, i have to admit that i was really captivated by the story (despite the rather undisturbingly predictable plot :) ) and spent a very entertaining time. I laughed, and i felt good, and i thought about it and i smiled and the general atmosphere in the cinema seemed to prove that i was not the only one having a good time. I walked out feeling a little more optimistic.

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