12 Dec 2005

back to the theatre

A little thing i forgot to mention in my previous posts. On Friday, i went to see Luigi Pirandello's"Six Characters in Search of an Author". Directed by Liviu Ciulei, the play benefits from a very good distribution (Victor Rebengiuc, Maia Morgenstern and her son, Ion Caramitru etc), which however reminded me the fact that no matter how good Maia Morgenstern is as a film actress, she doesn't appeal to me at all when she's on stage.
The description of the play, as it appears on the Britannica guide to Nobel Prizes goes like this: "play in three acts by Luigi Pirandello, produced and published in Italian in 1921 as Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore. Introducing Pirandello's device of the "theatre within the theatre," the play explores various levels of illusion and reality and the distortion of truth. It had a great impact on later playwrights, particularly such practitioners of the Theatre of the Absurd as Samuel Beckett, Eugène Ionesco, and Jean Genet, as well as Jean Anouilh and Jean-Paul Sartre.
Six characters appear on a stage that is being used for the rehearsal of Pirandello's play The Rules of the Game. They ask the Stage Manager for help. Created and then discarded by an author, they seek another author to cast them in a play and let them play out their roles. A group of actors steps forward to portray the lives that the six characters have just described, but when they do so the characters object to their reenactment, claiming that it distorts the truth. When one of the characters commits suicide, the rest of the characters mourn his death while the actors insist nervously that it is only make believe. Disgusted, and recognizing the dilemma between the reality of daily life and the reality of art, the Stage Manager stops the proceedings."

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