6 Dec 2005

more or less about dreams

Wieden & Kennedy again! The new Honda ad "Impossible Dreams" is finally on air. Full of engaging spirit, the spot follows the path already taken by the previous commercials illustrating the power of dreams.

As far as movies are concerned, last night i went to the French thriller "36 Quai des Orfèvres " and i think it's a great movie. It reminded me a lot of "The usual suspects", although they don't have much in common. It's a very well directed piece illustrating first of all both the mental and the moral struggle in which great, experienced policemen are engaged; the way their decisions affect both community and their own families families; up to what point can the consequences of implications go and so on. Plus, the funky part is that the movie gives the impression that the French Police only drives BMW and Alfa Romeo :)). I believe this could be a little inaccurate, though :)).
The acting is as great as the script, Depardieu and Auteuil manage a magnificent job and the film goes as a thriller should, keeping the viewer's attention alert to the end. I surely recommend it.

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