9 Dec 2005

picks of the days

hmmm...i've neglected my blog for a day; not good at all :)). but i've been busy, making plans and ensuring them a promising start-up.
picks of the days. yes. Russell said yes: here he admits that he'll post books even to Romania. And this after thanking me for thanking him :)). Great man!
Russell (and no, my blog is not all about praising Russell Davies :)) ) developed yet another great thing: a squidoo lense for his Account Planning School of the Web. An interesting start for me to find another lense dealing with this subject: the one developed by Tim Keil.
Nexus Productions has a very nice site, where you can watch all sorts of fresh, imaginative and creative short animated movies. Ideal for a good laugh, doubled by the possibility to learn and get some ideas. [ Again, why don't we develop such things? ]
Last, but not least: "the blog from work" is back on track. In order to resurrect it, and after Laura's denial, Cristina and I decided to start it all over again and split our duties, in order to make it both fun and profi. We'll have to wait and see for the results. I'll be handling account planning and strategy, therefore, i'm going to try to organize the information that i have on my job way better than i do it on this blog (which is not organization at all). Cristina is going to deal with creativity, campaigns, big ideas and all the rest. We're gonna try to bring some freshness on the Romanian related scenery.

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