21 Nov 2005

thoughts to be ignored

gooosshh...how cute!!! the latest polar bears Coca-Cola ad, together with other latest Christmas ads here. and Burger King icon used in streaptease viral video here.

The magic of sadness
People around me are boring. Not because they don’t have the potential to be interesting, but because they choose to be boring. Unlike today’s regular people, there is enough spirit in me to discover magic. People so much lack spirit nowadays; almost as if the magic of moments has become a taboo. Beauty still exists, waiting to be explored, but people do not seem willing at all to let themselves overwhelmed by what could be called power of living, of feeling. They’re afraid not to be mocked, or taken as fools if they do it; they’re too responsible to do it, in a world in which exams, school, studies, work demand being serious and responsible. There’s too little left for experiencing in the name of the spirit within. Why invest in feelings when you can just have sex, and that’s pure unconditional pleasure; why invest in feelings when you can just hang out, without having to be there for anyone who’s in pain or at a bad time? Why invest in fulfilling relationships when you can just have everything on a conventional basis? Why think about time for yourself when you have to think your time according to the company’s interests? Why think about improving yourself spiritually when seeing something more or less spectacular doesn’t show and doesn’t have the immediate effect of a college course or of a training?

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