18 Nov 2005

news worth mentioning

many things to say today...and no mood for writing. however, one particular advertising campaign in Belgium is worth being mentioned here. practically, the concept is "selling a product with one-second TV ads" and, as the article presented by AdAge says, TV may be the most heavily used medium around but this campaign demonstrates that it’s still possible to create a buzz.
the second thing which attracted my opinion is this article, claiming that "the cult classic The Prisoner is set to return almost 40 years after it first hit TV screens". as a total fan of the series, i have to say that i would somehow be thrilled for this news to be true, although i think that the initial spark of the series would vanish and Patrick McGoohan's performance can hardly be equalled. BBC News seem to cofirm the rumour here, so all we have to do now is wait!
on the other hand, i watched "Le Roi Danse" last night.

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redsneakz said...

'Tis enough for me to watch the originals on DVD.

A very, very twisted show. I love it more and more each time I see it.