9 Nov 2005

live and let live, never forget, but forgive

Very few movies manage to impress me the way "Va, vis et deviens" (which i watched tonight) managed to. I wasn't in the mood for a drama tonight, nor did the movie plot appeal to my mood this evening, but ever since i saw its title some months ago, i knew i should watch this movie. And the truth is that i didn't get bored for a second, and i left the cinema with tears in my eyes. Maybe because i'm in a melodramatic state. Or maybe because the movie made me think life and feelings differently for two hours and a half. It reminded me the fact that i have to go and visit places and meet people and try to understand cultures. It reminded me how great old people can be, how relaxing and special is the amazing experience of talking to and learning from those who are wise indeed. Wise because tradition and the school of life taught them more than we could ever experience, living in our cities, busy with our work and studies. It reminded me the power of caring desperately about someone. The intensity of desperate caresses, as some Maiden lyrics say. The tragedy of fighting to survive. The tragedy of having survived and fighting for an identity. For acceptance. The drama of incapacity of action, due to lack of means. While watching it, i caught myself thinking about how people get overwhelmed by such unimpotant issues...how they waste the possibilities of life...how they simply miss people for whom being there for them is more important than simply being themselves...and people are so ungrateful while taking everything for granted. The impact of the images created with the help of beautiful performances was doubled by a music which always followed closely the intensity of developments.
The director seemed flawless to me in portraying each character, each culture, each situation, each drama, each feeling. Made "The death of mr. Lazarescu" seem like a bad joke, a piece of amateur shit.

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