24 Nov 2005

a day full of technology

hmmm... i started enjoying using all sorts of technological bits in order to use as many online possiblities as i can. that's what the multimedia experience is all about, isn't it? it's so great to know that even though you might never see or hear certain people, you can still communicate with them, stay in touch, learn from them and so on. Yahoo! mail and Forbes associated in order to launch The E-mail Time Capsule, a service which allows you to write yourself a mail and delivers it back to you in 1, 3, 5 or even 20 years time. Arthur C. Clarke comments upon joining the planetary conversation. Here you can find my Flickr Photo Album. My Castpost multimedia blog is gonna help me keep my favourite audio and video pieces organized, and that also means the possiblity to keep my favourite ads in one place. And you can even add the Official Bush Countdown Clock to your website :))! So i'm gonna keep on using more and more :))...cause it's all about experiencing and learning and having fun while doing it !!!

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