21 Nov 2005

If you save somebody's life, you owe him for good

i read "B 24 FUN" each week with an immense pleasure. i like the design of the magazine, the ads, and, most important, the articles. it was one of these articles (and more precisely, the article's motto) that made me realise the possiblity of me being wrong in a certain issue about which i was quite sure. therefore, i'm gonna try to post a translation of the article.

"A hero of the new times - Florin Iaru
One day, the administrator comes to me and says:
"Mr Iaru, we have a problem...I think that your neighbour is dead. Nobody has seen him in three days"
"Let's break the door!"
"It's armoured, cause he's afraid of thieves"
"Does it smell?"
"No, it doesn't smell"
"Then he's not dead, let's call the police"
"Under what reasons?"
"And what do you suggest?"
"Let's look on the balcony. Maybe we can see something! I think he's dead. Wait till he starts to stink, then the show begins! Unless..."
And he gazes straight at me.
"What if...do you happen to have a rope?" And he gazes at me again. "Or some furniture girth."
"Sir, i don't have any girths!"
"But i do!"
"And do you want to go down from my place to the second floor?"
"Who, me? No way! But you could...come on, you're quite thin. We'll get you over the balcony!"
My son strated to scream:
"Daddy, don't jump from the balcony!"
The other neighbours, watching from behind the door, hurried in.
"There! Now! Hang on! Pull! Look, what a big cat! How do you untie this? Get out of our way, kid, we're not playing in here! They tied me like a salami and got me up."
"It's breaaaaking!"
"It isn't breaking, cause i checked it, it can hold two like you!" They got me down. I looked shyly over the kitchen's window, over the living room's window.
"I don't see anything!"
"Break the damn window!"
I followed the orders. And it was only then that i saw the old man, under the table. He could hardly breathe. The rest was easy. I opened the armoured door, and started boasting: i had saved a human being! The satisfaction didn't last long. The second day, i flooded him and when he came back from the hospital, he had me paint his house."

The motto which caught my attention was "If you save somebody's life, you owe him for good."

To jump from one to another, the tagline of David Cronenberg's "A history of violence" is "Tom Stall had the perfect life... until he became a hero." The movie seemed interesting enough for me, maybe due to some subjective implications. Anyway, for an hour and a half thriller, it did its job with style, showing Hollywoodian violence from a totally different and intriguing enough perspective.

Also watched during the weekend: "Shrek II" and, yes :)), "Dennis the Menace strikes again!".

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