6 Nov 2005


"5x2" is the first movie i got the chance to watch within the French movie fest which takes place here these days. The first observation that i have to stress upon is that the movie is French, which explains a lot.
The plot can be summarized in just a few words. The movie presents five scenes, five moments taken from the life of an ordinary couple. In reversed order. Hollywood has accustomed us with the magic of love, the triumph of the feeling, the special turn of situation when a couple formed of two people meant to be together makes its statement and so on. In 5x2, we also have the magic of the moment. Gilles has been involved with Valerie for 4 years. And they're now on vacation in a romantic place. Marion goes to the same place alone, because her friend has cancelled a trip to Senegal in the last moment. Gilles and Marion discover each other in the most classical romantic manner possible. They're ordinary people. And they seem to be made for each other. But no, this is not the perfect ending of yet another movie romance. It's just the ending of the movie. In fact, it's just the beginning of a romance which failed dramatically. Chronologically speaking, what follows is a fairy-tale wedding, when Marion is either raped or just fucked by an American guy. Then, the birth of the child. When Marion is in extreme pain, while Gilles simply fails to be by her side. Although he later phones to express his regrets and love. The third moment - a dinner with the gay brother of Gilles and his theoretical boyfriend. We listen to a story of cheating - we don't know if it's true or not, we just listen to it. About an orgy, which Gilles was part of in front of Marion's eyes. And then, the last scene of a post-divorce sex moment, which might easily be taken for an anal rape. Yes, divorce. Cause that's how the movie introduces the couple: when they're signing the divorce papers, then going backwards through the moments that i've already mentioned. In such a way, that in the ed, when the magic moment of encounters is enlightened, i assume that the only thought that passes through the viewer's brain is "where did they go wrong?"...

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