9 Nov 2005

a little bit of everything

okay, so here i go...due to some nasty moments, i didn't quite stay up to date with my blog, which isn't quite nice. it seems that i'm starting to lose my patience to write once more and this is the last thing that i want.
well...as i was saying, there is a very challenging French movie fest these days in here. i haven't been able to attend as many movies as i would have liked, because of the horrid mood that i've been driven into, but, however, i think i should at least mention those that i watched.
"Doo Wop" was the second i've gone to see. The daily Paris walks of a young dreamy and ambitious guy, Ziggy, whose main concerns are love, friends, money, the funk group whose producer he is.
I've also watched "La Pianiste", winner of Grand Prix, Best Actor and Best Actress in Cannes Film Festival 2001, and based on the Nobel Prize winner's book Elfriede Jelinek. Unfortunately, i do not have time now to write a sort of a review of this movie, or, as i usually do, some personal considerations inspired by watching this movie. But, as soon as i also read the book, cause i have to admit that, ashamed as this gets me, i didn not read it, i promise to write :).

Leaving aside French movies, i've also watched "Metallica: some kind of monster". I couldn't help it: the curiosity was too big. And i have to say i loved it. I have this good friend who probably is a real genius. He certainly keeps on claiming that, and i have to say that i sort of agree with that. He writes a lot, he argues a lot, and he masters logics and concepts :D. He is of course totally into philosophy and he reminds me of the way i used to analyse things myself until last year. Or until i met Claudiu, God only knows :)). Yesterday, he sent me his review on "Saw II", movie which i discussed earlier in one of my posts. It was funny, cause he was so totally against it, and he made such a rational comprehensive analysis of the movie, that i kept on reading and laughing, having in mind his attitude towards me, if i told him i how much i enjoyed not only "Saw", but also the Metallica documentary :)). There aren't any rational reasons for me liking it. The camera follows the band between 2001 and 2003, when the band was on the edge of breaking and they even had to hire a therapist and pay him $40000 a month to be at their disposal at any time. Even so, James, the vocalist, goes to rehab and the future of their project involving a new album becomes more than uncertain. After he gets out of rehab, the band reunites, but they have to cope with James' schedule, which means a rock band following a 12-16 daily schedule, as funny as that sounds. They fight prides, they fight misunderstanings of all kinds, they go beyond respecting their families, they get tired, psychollogically used and abused, they get nervous, they get angry, they seek for publicity and PR, they seek peace and silence, they get into war against Napster, attracting negative reactions from their fans, they divide and get back together, they get scared, they get uncertain, they get confident, they get sick, but, most important, they get over everything. And they play great music.

And last night...i watched "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride"...and i simply loved it!! Personally, i thought of it as the best animation since the good old days of Disney's classics. The voice of Johnny Depp makes Victor's character totally special, the songs are all cute and beautifully performed, the piano moments add flavour to the atmosphere, which is already greatly constructed by colours and shades similar to those used in "Les triplettes de Belleville"...and the story is, despite some apparently sick twists and turns, a non-conformist fairy tale. But a fairy tale. How couldn't have i loved it?

Le Monde announces Lars von Trier's new movie Manderlay. And that's a little something for my job :)).

Dylan Hunt says "it's never easy". But have a nice day, you all!

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