15 Mar 2006

a regular day

yesterday we had the presentation for the last pitch of the horrid period we've had lately, so we finally have some days for relaxation. i'm not sure enough relaxation would occur these days anyway, but i am trying. so this post is in accordance with my willingness to relax. ok, i'd better shut up now.
as i was walking with alex, i caught a glimpse of these lines posted on a wall between all sorts of stencils and graffiti. i liked them because they seemed to actually bear a story. i don't know anything about it, i haven't gt the slightest idea how they ended up there, but i simply appreciated their story potential.

then i had a weird lemonde in Green Hours. it was weird cause it contained far more curacao (or something) juice than lemon juice, which made the term "lemonade" the waiter used quite overpromissing.

parks are really sad when there's practically nobody around. children's playgrounds without children giggling seemed lonely in the "loneliness of the long-distance runner" sense. it that makes any sense.

and i noticed this on Eminescu, as i was heading to the office.

the best part of the day however, was that i bought myself some great books, and i found some new interesting comics, and i also found some video tapes featuring Rahan and Tintin. Enough for now, more posting will come as i actually start reading the books.


abredross said...

the best part of the day was buying books? I feel sooo offended!! :))

And the second lemonade was an actual lemonade, and it was good and you liked it! And it was the bartender's first day and first lemonade in Greenhours...

and the best part of the day was buying books? ah.. planners.... *sigh

diana said...

oh, dear :))...i now know that didn't sound right :)). but u got it right: it's all because of planning :))

irina bako said...

i felt a shiver when i saw the wheatpastes on your blog. i would have never expected anyone to notice them like this..
so thank you?

diana said...

:) no need to thank me, i'm just glad u felt that way.

ps: i checked out your blog and i really liked it a lot. that's why i'm really glad you stepped by.