1 Mar 2006

one man's drama is another man's melodrama

i came across an interesting short article written by Alfred Hitchcock in 1936 in which he explains his choice of making melodramas. The reason why the article appealed to me so much is the following quote: "So there is the problem - how to combine colour, action, naturalism, the semblance of reality, and situations which will be intriguingly unfamiliar to most of the audience. All these must be blended." I love it, cause it made me feel that, through these words, Hitchcock was able to define in 1936 the essence of creating a powerful ad. And it still seems to me that the more creatives understand and apply these priciples, the more likely they are to appeal to the target and actually connect it with a certain brand. However, i am daily surrounded by so many violations of these common-sense "rules" (i'm not sure they can properly be called rules), that i am not going to develop the subject any further. i'm going to sleep instead. good night!

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