6 Mar 2006

hip, hip, hurrah

i really really wanted this...and the miracle happened!
Best Motion Picture of the Year
Winner: Crash (2004) - Paul Haggis, Cathy Schulman

However, on the other hand, i'm really sorry about Corpse Bride not winning in the Best Animated Feature Film of the Year section, although i was 100% sure Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit would take the Oscar (guess no miracle here). And i am devastated about Good Night, and Good Luck not winning in any single category. I really liked the movie and considered it quite worthy. Ah well...at least George Clooney won for Syriana. And Reese Witherspoon for Walk the Line and Rachel Weisz for The Constant Gardener.
the rest of the results here.


Vlad said...

I wasn't really able to watch the whole thing, however, when I heard Crash won, I wished I would have stayed up. Absolutely wonderful flick. Best one I’ve seen in over a year. ( aside from Irreversible, which is quite old, but nevertheless, a great movie). Tim Burtons Corpse Bride should have won for “Best Animated Feature Film of the Year”. It just has that Tim Burton Charm to it. Other then that, I think Capote was a bit dull, Hoffman however deserved the Oscar, his performance was outstanding. Oh, and Don Cheadle should have also gotten something. His performance in Crash was great.

diana said...

i'm so glad to find another person who feels that Corpse Bride should have won. Seems like there's plenty of W&G fans out there. however, i am quite pleased with the results, it seemed like quite a fair edition to me.