14 Mar 2006

somewhere over the rainbow

this week's "Masterpiece" discussed the story of the famous "Somewhere over the rainbow", first sung by Judy Garland in "The wizard of Oz", when she was just 16. Apart from the impressive way the song is shown to have been composed, by lyricist Yip Harburg and composer Harold Arlen, the broadcast also analyzes the incredible experience provided by the performance of this number at one of a Judy Garland fighting laryngitis during one of her last concerts. As well as the differences between the song versions sung by Garland when she was in her 16s and in her 40s.
The fact that i liked the most is the explanation of the song. It seems that the movie script included the word "grey" for many times in a few pages, in the description of Dorothy's life at the Auntie Em's farm. Now, for those of you who didn't watch the movie or fail to remember the detail, all images introducing Dorothy in Kansas are sepia-coloured. And this lead the composer t the conclusion that the only colours in Dorothy's life were those of the rainbow, if grey surrounded her so intensely. Therefore, it was only natural for her to imagine this wonderful alternative where "the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true" and "where troubles melt like lemondrops", that is "somewhere over the rainbow".

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