26 Feb 2006

vintage comics

in case it wasn't obvious, i am crazy about both vintage stuff, and comics, and whenever i end up dealing with vintage comics, i am under some sort of spell. Therefore, i spent the free time of this weekend reading all types of old comics collected by Ethan Persoff (ok, and also watching some movies, cause i couldn't help it anymore). I must admit they were not only highly entertaining (so call me a weirdo), but also educational. Which explains, because most of them were designed for mass-distribution in various places, as informative/educational flyers.
There's a 1957 Atomic Revolution Comic Book, with a foreword by Former Chairman of the United States Atomic Energy Commission. More or less from the same area, IF AN A-BOMB FALLS is an eight-page 1951 Cold War era comic book on safety procedures for preparing and responding to an a-bomb attack. And there's also "The H-Bomb and you", an 1954 Civil Defense Comic Book.
Then, there's Hooked!, another great and previously unknown comic about drug abuse from 1966, which was briefly distributed at NYC methadone clinics. Heroin abuse is also the subject of Trapped, 1951 comic book handed out to Columbia College students.

Another interesting bit is "Who killed Junior?" (1973), the earliest known mass-produced anti-abortion handout from Right to Life, an organization formed two months earlier, immediately after the Roe V Wade Supreme Court Decision.

And, as a bonus, for music made from old obscure tapes and vinyl, check out SPREE and SNAP.

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