28 Feb 2006

creative extravaganzas: Cirque Du Soleil Fashion Line

Brand Noise quotes an article in Fashion Monitor Toronto which announces the intention of Cirque Du Soleil to build a fashion and beauty brand. Well, that is, if they don't come to Bucharest anyway, i can still get some clothes from them. Actually i am really curious about the products to come, because i am quite of a fan of the accessories currently available for purchase.

"Cirque Du Soleil plans to launch women's ready-to-wear line this summer, which will be followed by men's wear and children's wear.
"There's an enormous amount of ambition to take Cirque outside the theater to a wide variety of applications," said Rodney Landi, vice president of merchandising at Cirque Du Soleil.
"We wonder, what would a restaurant, hotel or spa by Cirque be like? There's endless applications." Home furnishings, fitness and children's toys are also good fits, he notes.
Cirque Du Soleil fragrance project is also in the works.

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