23 Feb 2006

unorganized random thoughts from a very tired mind

surprinsingly enough, i am not going to start whining about how terribly busy i am these days. (although i really am). On the contrary. I am currently working on a paint account, and i have really learnt a lot of things since i've started doing some research on it.
Anyway, the thing i like most about planning is that it allows me to use/ improve/ develop all kinds of skills. it makes me far more careful when talking to people, when choosing the people to talk to and so on; i don't just pay attention to all sorts of details when i'm having a conversation with somebody (especially if the person is in the target so to say), but i also have to use my intuition and adapt my approach in order to get the best out of any mind i explore. But this is fairly obvious, and is practically in the job description. But what i adore is the fact that the planner's sort of research allows me to "play the detective": to look for certain shops, located in parts of the town i've never dreamt of reaching :)), to observe all sorts of numbers and hints, to trace the best way not to get lost (especially when i'm driving) and so on. I bet it sounds silly, and i'm not saying it isn't, but i just love it. The last three days i found myself wandering on all sorts of streets, "armed" with my camera, and my mc-corder, and my iPod and my phone, a notebook and the map with the stores where i was supposed to dig fo insights or other relevant information that might prove that our agency is right, and the client is wrong, so the client should listen to the agency. i felt really good. the weather was fine, the search turned out great, and i was able to provide several stories about myself and impersonate various characters in order to be able to find out everything i went for without raising any suspicions (this, while scanning the stores for all types of details and seeming really involved in the conversations at the same time). cause Romanians are very suspicious. they don't actually enjoy providing information, and they can hardly be called open. however, i cannot complain at all about managing research on this particular account. when i visited their factory some weeks ago, people from all their departments spent a lot of time explaining the entire process that a paint goes through until reaching a wall. i had learnt more chemistry during those hours and i've seen more practice than i've learnt/ seen during all the chmistry classes in school. and now, after talking to a bunch of profile store-keepers, i feel like i know more on this market than from all the research data i got from all our market/media/whatever tools. next step: convince creatives to leave their artistic space and go down into the cruel reality of what's actually to be done.
i cannot possibly understand why i've written this post, i don't even think about reading it, but i just felt like saying these things. must be my "Auster side" not having been used for a long while and woken up all of a sudden.

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