23 Feb 2006

romanian slogans

bogdana wrote an interesting post about slogans and came up with a great idea (which i must say i thought about as well, when i entered advertising, but it was totally gone until i read the mentioned post), that is to build up a list of romanian slogans. the initiative is even greater since i've just given (totally by mistake, really really) a slogan which was approved and which i deeply dislike. ah well...anyway, i have already gathered such lists for the accounts i've worked with, so let the digging begin!
i love slogans as well (my favourite of all time is "Just do it", i have to admit it simply sounds brilliant to me) and i strongly believe in their power to help people associate a brand with some clear and distinct concepts, characteristics, benefits, whatever, able to further help the consumer when he is confronted with the way too generous offer of products on the market. i am a declared fan of experiential marketing, and "brand polyphony" (as russell davies brilliantly names it), but on the other hand, let's face it: there are way too few cases of romanian consumers actually being confronted with such experiences, in order to actually believe in the fact that slogans seized to be of interest to them. and i think slogans can still actually inspire or stand for an attitude or lifestyle. at least, that's how i see things now, late in the night and i do not mind being called old-fashioned. For example (since all i have in mind these days are paints anyway), i like "Vopsesti usor, vopsesti cu Spor" a lot. i know it's a word game, i know how the creative director in my agency feels about word games :)), but to be honest, it seems too powerful to me not to appreciate it (and yes, i also consider that the name of the paint was a really clever choice). While, on the other hand, i dislike the recent "Cristim - Carne din plin", because i could find this claim on a Carrefour special offer page which only contained Cristim vegetal products. Which made it somewhat misleading. Maybe that's not important, but i notice these details and the image bothered me.

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