17 Feb 2006

japanese photography

So just what is a "Frangipani"? I'm always surprised by just how many people ask me that question. They are a particularly pretty (and my fave) tropical flower, also known as Cultivar Plumeria. The little pink flower popping up all over the site and in your menu bar is a frangipani. [pron: franj-i-panni]

The site, Frangipani.info, belongs to Martine Cotton, an Australian living and working in Tokyo, who provides a great collection 0f Japanese photography, including images of Old downtown Tokyo, Butoh in Japan., Special Places in Japan - Tokyo day Trips, Country Japan, Tokyo Streets:, Lomo Coloursplash Gallery, Tokyo Street Art or Flowers, since The Japanese take their flowers very seriously.
My favourite, however, is the collection of Manholes of Japan.

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