28 Feb 2006

the drummers of Japan

Yamato The Drummers of Japan is (if not the best) one of the most amazing shows i've ever been to. A fascinatingly passionate bunch of people proved once again that Japansese capacity of telling simple stories in the most expressive way possible, capacity that i was honestly accustomed to from Akira Kurosawa's movies. The show wasn't only about beating those drums, it was also about playing, having fun, sharing passion, acting and interacting, "visual panache and sense of theatre combined with the ancient traditions of Japan" (as i read somewhere). In other words, they do not exaggerate in their website statement, saying that "Yamato’s show is a never-to-be forgotten experience, inspiring and intensely physical, with a beat resonating from the delicate tapping of falling rain to explosions of rhythmic exhilaration."

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