17 Apr 2006

starbucks gossip

sometimes i forget how useful it is to check out the lists of links on the websites/ blogs i visit and appreciate. This is how i came across Starbucks gossip, a blog which is "monitoring America's favourite drug dealer." I am not so much into gossip, but the blog offers quite a pertinent monitoring, which i appreciate, because Starbucks is soon expected in our country and i am getting more and more curious about this move, as well as the impact of this brand on our market.


Luca Vergano said...

If you like these kind of blogs check these two out:


Sure you already know them, but in case you don't they offer some kind of interesting insights into the american culture...

cristina said...

take a look here:

stutz said...

astfel de afaceri nu vin niciodata sa dea faliment.

diana said...

thank you very much for the links, guys; they really are worthy.

as for starbucks, i wasn't thinking about it going bankrupt, i am just curious about its strategy and impact :)