23 Apr 2006


Nobody & Co designed the Bibliochaise, an armchair library for who likes to be immersed in deep reading. It contains 5 linear meters of books and thanks to a special fitting structure is easily disassembled.
I don't much appreciate the design, but the idea would probably save me from keeping the books i'm reading or am interested in at a certain time in piles on my room's floor. Though i'm not too sure it would actually change my habits. I would have liked it to be made of bamboo, and have while pillows and seem more personal and comfortable, despite the fact that red/black is my favourite combination of colours.


Aura said...

I'll go for the pillows...no chair... I wonder where the books will fit then, hmmm... After all, on the floor is not such a bad place , huh?

diana said...

not bad at all...you should see the way my floor looks like :)) [actually, i'm not sure u could see the floor, cause it's full of piles of books, sketches and magazines and all that]