22 Apr 2006

cause i'm the easter bunny, hurrah

"Vrei nu vrei, de Paste toti prietenii asteapta mesaje si dedicatii de la tine. Scapa usor :)! Suna acum la *808 si surprinde-i cu mesaje si dedicatii de-a gata". This is the message i received yesterday from Connex-Vodafone. Roughly translated, it says something like: "Like it or not, all your friends are waiting for Easter messages from you. Get away with it easily. Call *808 and surprise them with pre-written messages." I do appreciate their composing these messages and offering this facility, but i strongly resent the way they put it. Like how am i supposed to surprise any of my friends with a pre-written message? First of all, no matter how personal they're trying to sound, pre-written messages of the sort are in general very recognisable for what they are (they even published some examples of such short messages in a newspaper some days ago, and i heard about it on the radio). Second, how am i supposed to surprise somebody if i use something which he's quite likely to have already received at least once?
Personally, i'd just be a little more careful with the verbs to use. Is it just me?

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