11 Apr 2006

the excitement, oh, the excitement

via chestionabil, probably the surprise Costin Radu was talking about some time ago, Planning.ro, an actual Romanian site dedicated to planning. The news and the site got me so excited that i started reading/ re-reading all interviews, which was really good cause i came across the following quote from (thank God he exists) Russell Davies (who else?). And it sounded like a really good answer to Merry Baskin's nasty belief that "there is no such thing as a junior planner". Anyway, here's what Russell says:
"Some planners say that there is no such thing as a ‘junior’ planner. A planner must have years of experience in research before working as a planner. Do you agree with this view? Why?"
"I’ve never worked in research. You can decide for yourselves whether that’s important or not. Being a junior planner is difficult – so much of the job is down to experience, pattern recognition and gravitas. But you don’t have to get those skills from research. You can get them from being a client or an account person or a media person or anything. Even a junior planner. I have a lot of respect for junior planners, it’s a tough job, but if you can make yourself valuable in that job then you’re going to be really good with a few years under your belt."
Congratulations for the site and i can hardly wait to watch it grow !


Costin Radu said...


You've got great intuition (a planner's one). This was the surprise I was talking about. :)

diana said...

really pleasant surprise :). as i was saying, huge congrats (and thanks)!!

diana said...

such a shame u stopped the blog though :(