23 Oct 2007

a vision of students today

i was complaining about my college conditions, and now Gavin points out this extremely interesting vision of a student's life, envisaged by Michael Wesch. And it's interesting to follow the entire discussion about the video. Of course, there are differences in numbers, but i think the idea applies quite well to our city as well.


keffie said...

very good point diana, yours and of the makers of this video.

i think the reality is even worse in romania, as we're still forced to learn the 70's know-how (at least when i went to college). who cares about cobol and the other shit we're supposed to learn in a supposed economy academy like ASE?

it's time for the ones in charge to take notice and do some changes, or the future generation will not give a phuck about school, as they can learn much more simply by browsing the web for instance. i preffer a teacher like russell davies or jeffre jackson or lots others than what i had in school, where i know more than any of my teacher regarding the stuff i was concerned.

it's no wonder then that even though i went the full college time i rarely went to classes, and though graduate i never bothered to take my license in management. and you know what? in my work experience only once somebody asked for my diploma, which is also a sign of the respect school gets in today's romania.

your post is a different approach on something i tried to discuss in my blog as well, you'll find the article here: http://keffie.wordpress.com/2007/10/19/scoala-omoara-creativitatea/

it's in romanian, but i hope the english viewers will go to the movie link, i couldn't embed it in the blog

very well again diana, thanks for this perspective

diana said...

keffie, i'm afraid i cannot take credit for this post, because the film was developed by somebody else.

but i do agree with what you're saying, although steps have been made in our educational system as well (i have some proffesors who actually use a completely different approach). anyway, events like oricum's youth summit and mentorship, for example, will determine more and more change from this point of view. hopefully.

Dascalescu Dan said...

Well a project similar, inspired by that one is already happening here in Romania. Just check out studentsoftoday.blogspot.com and see for yourself. I will personally be responsible for the same type of project being implemented in ASE Bucharest. It will be quite fun to see the results here compared to others.