4 Oct 2007

advertising young minds

There are so many interesting blogs out there, it sometimes feels like a pity to simply stick to one list of feeds, even though the list contains posts i feel like i definately must read. Which is why every now and then i enjoy brand new random lists of blogs - sometimes i take them from somebody's blogroll, some other times from one top or another.

Now Daniel Mejia - whom blog i totally feel in love with - gathered Advertising Young Minds - the top 27 blogs of people under 27 , by combining all sorts of ranks and authority stats and so on. Enjoy !


Alex Rosu said...

#9 - well done you!

diana said...

myeah, thanks :) i still don't know how i got there :))

Mihnea said...

Yes, yes, brag all you want. :) But then again, bravo! A first step of many in becoming an internationally A-listed blogger extraordinaire.

I'll be revering you on my blog as well.