27 Oct 2007

“After having … been constantly bombarded by road-safety propaganda, it was almost a relief to find myself in a real accident.”

i have just finished J. G. Ballard's novel Crash, which i've been curious to read for quite some time. it's an interesting and fascinating novel, which gives you the chills not necessarily because of the things it describes, but more likely because of the things it makes you think about: more than exploring a car-crash sexual fetishism, it explores the way in which technology can modify human psychology. this relationship between human sexuality and "perverse technology", illustrated in quite a harsh manner obviously made the book quite controverial, but i really think it's worth reading for its ability to play with your senses and make you experience all sorts of sensations you're not really sure what to make of.

The book was also turned into an award-winning (and equally controversial) movie, by David Cronenberg, but i haven't watched it yet.

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Luca said...

Hi Diana, I tagged you on the media snackers meme. See if you're interested in the thing here: http://www.lucavergano.com/the_blurber/2007/11/media-snackers.html